Review: Farmteam Cookhouse

(image credit to Farmteam Cookhouse)

(image credit to farmteam cookhouse)

Farmteam Cookhouse and Bar

683 Bank St, Ottawa

Visited: May 28th, 2012

Final vote: Never going back!


Started out great; service was good at first, appetizers came out quickly.

Then it all went downhill.

Ordered a pitcher of the ‘house beer’ Barn Dog Ale, it was the bottom of the keg, flat and tasted terrible.

After we ordered our entrees, we waited 40 minutes, the waiter came over and told us the kitchen was ‘crushed’. There were only three other tables inside, and maybe four on the patio. It was practically empty in the restaurant.

We waited over AN HOUR AND A HALF for our entrees; they were out of chicken fingers, and one kind of bread, they served the two club sandwiches without mayo, the burger bun was burnt almost black and the poutine that had been perfect during apps was now almost too salty to eat, and didn’t have any bacon on it. Incredibly disappointing.

After taking nearly 2 hours for our food, we asked for bills. All the bills were wrong. We did have complicated splits, but even after checking with us several times, and us literally writing down what was supposed to be on each bill, it was still wrong, and we still got charged for an item we didn’t even order (because they were out of it). It took over 1/2 hour just to get the bills sorted out.

Dessert took nearly as long as the mains, we got dessert AFTER our bills came up

No excuse for service like this; untrained staff and a slow kitchen. The restaurant was EMPTY, there’s no reason it should have taken that long, or for there to have been so many errors with the food.

Really disappointed, we won’t be coming back, and I highly suggest you don’t waste your time.

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